Me Myself And Akai
£25 - 55 + Shipping

Village Live Records is proud to announce the highly anticipated ’10 year anniversary’ reissue of Micall Parknsun’s critically acclaimed album, ‘Me, Myself & Akai,’ originally released in 2013. This special
reissue marks the first-ever availability of the album on vinyl, making it a must-have for collectors and hip-hop enthusiasts.

Produced entirely on the iconic Akai MPC 1000 by Micall Parknsun himself, ‘Me, Myself & Akai’ showcases his impeccable production skills. The album features captivating guest vocalists including Joker Starr and Ramson Badbonez, along with razor-sharp cuts by the legendary Jazz T.

Vinyl enthusiasts and fans of Micall Parknsun’s work can secure their copy by pre-ordering the limited edition vinyl release. Pre-orders will be available exclusively on the Village Live Records Bandcamp store, with sales going live at 7 PM UK time on Friday, July 7th.

With only 300 copies available, this reissue promises to be a highly sought-after collector’s item. Fans are encouraged to act swiftly to secure their copy of ‘Me, Myself & Akai’ and experience the raw talent and captivating production that Micall Parknsun has to offer


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