Joey Deez Collection

Hey everybody,

Thank you for taking the time to visit this section of the website. This page is dedicated to Village Live Records co-founder & good friend to many, Joseph Downes (Aka Joey Deez). In June 2020, we received the devastating news that Joey had unexpectedly passed away.

Joe’s passion for hip hop culture and the arts was an inspiration to so many, as was his positive energy which left a mark on anyone who had the pleasure of spending time in his company.

The ‘Joey Deez Charity Collection’ is an invitation to celebrate Joe’s life and to continue his legacy. We hope to enrich the lives of young people who share Joey’s passions for the arts. We aim to achieve this through releasing a series of digital singles, EPs & albums to raise money for various charities associated with youth projects within the arts. Listeners are encouraged to donate money to this cause by simply downloading the various releases on a ‘pay what you feel’ basis.

All contributions to the collection will be shared between a selection of local charities supporting the arts. This will happen at various points throughout the year and announcements will be made via the website as and when the charities receive the money.

All releases will be available to download exclusively from our Bandcamp page. Please scroll down to check out the projects and donate should you wish to do so. 

This one’s for you Joey!

Rest In Peace brother Xx

Joey Series